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Report ANR Seminar China 2018
November 26, 2018. Report ANR Seminar China 2018 Maurice Ducret, FAI GAC ANR Chairman, Lorenz Egli ANR Route Planner and Scorer, and Heinrich Schawalder, FAI GAC WAG Liaison officer, met in Lingang China, 65 km southeast of Shanghai with the organizers of the ASFC National ANR Training. We agreed the program of this 1st ANR Seminar in China during the next 4 days. 20 pilots were expected to take what they had learned with them to their regions. During this time we had the opportunity to gain insights into some important principles of VFR aviation in China. Since all land belongs to the state, there are no private airfields. This includes all airfields of the Civil Governor Administration or the military. At the moment there is 1 exception: This is our home airfield here in Lingang, which belongs to the OXAI aircraft factory. • Flying VFR over land or flying to another airfield is impossible. Cross-country flights may only be flown under IFR. Landings on another airfield require prior written approval. • ANR brings a great deal of freedom in civil aviation, as ANR is accepted by the supreme authority as VFR Sport and is usually flown only 30 - 50km from the starting place • English is no self-evident requirement for pilots with 3’000 – 5’000 flying hours. • With high pressure on own aircraft production for SEP up to max. 1’000kg takeoff weight worked. China has acquired manufacturers of aircraft and engines in Europe and USA / Canada. By the end of 2020, 5’000 aircraft of this category will be distributed at various airfields in China. With ANR motivation and training should be improved quickly and sustainably. The next day, November 27, 2018, began punctually at 09:00 at Shanghai OXAI General Aviation Co. Ltd. in Lingang our Seminar. The program developed by Maurice was taught within the set timeframe. The pilots present were fully involved. As observers and guests were Han Zhaofang, GM. ASFC and Roger Mao, President OXAI aircraft Co. Ltd. present all the time. In the afternoon of the November 28, 2018 the learned should be put into practice. After we originally got only a radius of 2’500 meters around the airfield, this radius was then increased to 5’000 meters. Maurice took with all participants the opportunity to generate the course with the ANR software. Within 1 hour, the first ANR course was prepared in China and distributed as a working paper to all participants so that the flight preparation could be started. In the meantime, the mini-course has been reduced by another 50% by the official ones in Shanghai. At the OXAI factory airfield, the first aircraft was made available with the test pilot and a navigator which then also started. Before landing, we were told by the military that the airfield was closed because the military needed this airspace. But nevertheless China had its first ANR flight! The time until the end of the event December 01, 2018, we have used in discussion events to answer all questions pertaining to ANR organizations. From our point of view the first ANR seminar in China was a complete success and it shows that with ANR the airspace can be opened for VFR flights. Back in Switzerland we received the following e-mail: Hi Maurice, I fully agree with you that the ANR seminar or training was unforgettable! And as I said that it was historical in the history of China airsports. So, thank you once again for the cooperation, support and devotion. After the successful ANR seminar, we have got response that some place(s) is willing to organize an ANR event in China in 2019. That was what we wanted though on the other hand. For your information that an ANR event plan was put into the 2019 annual international event calendar of the China Sport Ministry. So let's look forward to our further and deeper cooperation in the future since we have had a very good start! Best regards to all of you. HAN Zhaofang ASFC Heinrich Schawalder FAI GAC Liaison officer Nürensdorf, December 28th 2018